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go soo jung asianwiki goblin

Who is the mysterious granny? They are so cute together and he is so handsome... hope there is a kiss scene xD! This drama is simply the best! How? wataw Dec 06 2016 9:00 pm Dont get me wrong, i love GY but i dont see any chemistry between them hmm. and Deok-hwa character too, he's so funny. Nina Dec 12 2016 2:14 am Bony Apr 21 2016 8:24 pm Advertisement. My favorite drama. Maria Martinez Jan 09 2017 1:30 pm i love this drama. Goblin is the best drama I have ever seen. I love it! To Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun ,, pleasee to be a couple in reality LOL :D. Gina Jan 21 2017 11:00 pm so just sit and predict what will happen soon.. btw i wanna ask something, why the grim reaper crying when he saw the ring? thankyou for filling my weekends with laughter and sadness. "Kami akan selamanya mengenang aktris so as with lee dong wook. dokkaebi Jan 26 2017 3:48 am Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun, good job. There's no need for cheesy romance. Please pleasee TvN would you like to make Goblin season 2?? There's more action in this drama than you believe. ralinexx Jan 22 2017 3:17 am She is still a high school student, how did she end up in Quebec?, and what about her parents, etc. Kris Sep 10 2020 4:58 pm I even can't stop cursing the writer (LOL) bcos she made such a painful ending. She knew how to pleased korean viewer. I like to look like the Grim Reaper doesn't take away from him what he couldn't understand, and he's trying to understand, learn. @Willica Williams - Amen to that. Kinley zam Jan 21 2017 7:09 am wow wow wow! So darn goodd!!!! EunYoo Jan 22 2017 9:41 am She knew what she was doing when she makes her choices.Goblin is supposedly a protector of souls, what he's not a protector of atm machines or a money bank for anyone. The love story between grim reaper and sunny was so interesting, Both of them was really good on their lines. Haha! I love this drama soooo much ^^ but I cried buckets in episode 13..... best drama so far please please please crown it with a happy ending for the goblin couple. What moral codes is this drama breaking? @tristan, I don't want anyone to get angry or anything but how would Eun Tak be able to call the goblin to ask if it's ok to summon him when she didn't even know the goblin's number at that time? I hope gong hyo jin will be cameo in this drama ?. I will keep watching Goblin and wait patiently for future episodes. You know that feeling of warm & fuzzy when you see people in love you just want to root for them? so pls guys don't let that stop you drom liking eun tak and goblin together.. Goblin Fighting!!!! So Hyun's acting skill is million way better than Kim Go Eun. This drama is gooodddd, but i dont find chemistry between gong yoo and go eun, i hope the second couple would be better. I love all actors and actresses, they are all outstanding. Ana Dec 20 2016 2:48 am han ji min unni please!!!!! Go Soo-jung made debut on TV drama Goblin . But it reasonable though. Anyway, my observations is that Goblin drama has been focusing too much on the female lead character's past & present life more so than the lead male that the title may well be 'Goblin's Bride'. I can't wait for episode 7 though and see Kim Shin get jealous over Eun Tak's school friend. But i like gong yoo here! Many people are complaining about the lead female nor lead couple, but i dont mind, i love them. And about the age diff, srsly what century are we now? Saltanat Jan 19 2017 12:15 pm mylene Aug 22 2017 5:53 pm and especially the songs, Hush by lasse lindh,n da round and round song!!! Thank you for making my weekends beautiful :') Now, Kim Shin appears in front of her against his will, whenever she turns off the lights. Even though some say KGE is not pretty but that okay. oh my God!! Of course since majority of k-dramas lovers are young female teenagers, and teenagers love to dream about romance and rich guys, this kim eun sook writer knows it and use it, that's the reason why her dramas are so popular among female audience.. I love the drama. sone Dec 07 2016 11:16 am It's really fun. it's funny when the grim reaper fallen in love and been curious to the death for Sunny, all the people around him just looked the same.. ahaha, A Fan Dec 11 2016 6:46 pm Mandy Jan 27 2017 1:50 am I know it's a drama based on fantasy but there is a such thing as a natural law and one of them is adults having a relationship with children. I have a feeling that the ending is gonna be bad ?? Nightingale Dec 04 2016 10:20 pm Nux Jan 22 2017 2:01 am i love goblin but my main focus just interaction with the three dorky mens and grim reaper with sunny, i didn't like the main character interaction, soooo cheesy, it was distracted, He is the Deity.. And the red lady is the Goddess of fate and life. I just waiting for Sungjaeeeeeee... goblin Nov 11 2016 3:39 am The original soundtracks are beautiful and really sets the mood, and the historical parts got kind of interesting as well. It seems like the pro main couple want to push this narrative that people who criticize the lead couple are focusing too much on the age gap. Daebak Oct 07 2016 3:27 pm and why he let his family killed when he entered if eventually he will surrended and got killed? I mean, lee directed dream high, dots, and the writer kim also has written for the hers and dots. Song Nov 05 2016 3:19 am rems Feb 05 2017 7:05 pm It's just that I find Eun Tak's behavior inconsistent with what she's gone through and her situation in life. Excellent casting. So excited!! The directing, cinematography and sound directing are top-notch. well i believe that gong yoo will be the perfect role since the writer imagine him when she write the story . and the way their characters were written.. About goblin, it's not like he is confessing his love to ET and become couple right now. Can't wait for the next episode. There's no absurdity as she was asking money and other wishes to Kim shin who also she considered as her guardian. They are sizzling & mysterious unlike the lead pair. This has been the same issue with the leads of Love in Moonlight and Beautiful Mind, age don't matter as long as they have great chemistry. If Duk-Hwa really turned out to be God, then there will be another comments.. Why god always get drunk. But after these two episodes, it's losing the brilliance slowly and turning into cheesy rom-com. goblin just lose to dear my friend on best drama.. i mean WTF???? (i think it means 'lonely and bright: Goblin'), Putri Oct 30 2016 8:26 pm Korean heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun, masaya sa mainit na pagtanggap ng Pinoy fans. There were only a select few moments that drew my attention. GY and LKW will deliver their roles perfect too, ofcourse! she looks like chameleon, she potrays every roles differently, maybe that's why she can act with many seniors. Kim so hyun and kim min jae. Well, maybe it would have been a movie series instead - something along the lines of Jason Bourne movies - with action thriller and suspense . Pokoknya keren bangetz deh !!! Watching it took me to another world , escape from this turmoil even for few moments . KGEGY Feb 08 2017 1:27 am From the remarkable acting to the directing and the amazing OSTs that were giving a unique vibe to every moment, everything was perfect. rona idea Mar 05 2017 10:34 pm Hika Dec 12 2016 6:59 am gong yoo oppa was amazing.. kim go eun unni has natural emotion and feeling Yes, I absolutely agree with you! But it was a little too bland for me and the chemistry wasn't that great. Then the goblin starts falling in love with her. What if he was in the middle of saving someone's life? Can't wait for the next episodes. I'm really enjoying this drama. I don't know if there is any k-dramas can be as great as Signal. I get it that he supposed to be awkward character but i just cant see him getting into the character. It was totally amazing. annie Jan 04 2017 2:59 pm This made me laughed,,made me kinda want to fall in love again,,,,,and lastly this made me cry so much,,, ,lol this is just perfect. It is really a home run on all fronts. I like the chemistry between the goblin and the missing soul. "A few days ago, actress Go Soo Jung bid farewell to this world and became one of the bright stars in the sky," Story J Company told media outlets, according to a report on Soompi. gigi Jan 04 2017 2:54 pm HWAITING! Anyway, let's just enjoy the ride guys ;). I rewatch their part again and again. Amazing acting, beautiful scene, story and everything. Now I think she is cute with natural acting. The emotions that go though them when they look at the other... How the Goblin tries to keep his cool because he doesn't want to alarm or hurt the feelings with his bride...That selflessness says a lot. I think chemistry Go Eun and Gong Yoo flat very stiff because maybe I dont like the heroine Go Eun. The musical scoring was so relevant. LDW is my firts love korean actor, and Gong Yoo I like him s much in coffee prince. The ancient period production was superb. ^ Prima - yeah, she's gotten awards for movies but those are pretty much within the last 3-4 years. Either way, the story is veryyyy unique and fun to watch so it made me keep wanting to watch till the end. dee_ Nov 11 2016 6:29 am I can't wait for kids scenes aaaaaa!!! It doesn't matter as long as both leads can deliver well. And for few ones who does not find her pretty enough guess what she is well recognized for her acting and originality if she was concerned abt her face she probably knows Korea is famous for not only drama but also for plastic surgery. Kim Minjae was the king and sohyun was the queen when probably their ages in the drama is still young IM SRSLY SHOOK. fortunately this drama has a duration of more than 1 hour! Well, I'm currently trying to continue dramas I dropped and reading the comments I'm considering giving this drama a second shot. Anything else is sooo perefecttt especially the ost. At First I don't really like the leading Actress of this drama. Thankyou so much for making this drama. Anyone notice that the ring worn by young queen appeared again in front of grim reaper and sunny?? Looking forward to seeing you in a drama again, © Lovely Drama. !The cast and acting is amazing! I just to say this love was blooming everywhere. Kiki Sep 04 2016 6:10 am Now I like the actors, Lee Dong Wook, but the character of Gong Yoo doesnt impress me at all. like me I'm okay with the story & with the characters but not with the actors as an OTP. Everything about this drama is perfect. He must wait for his loved ones and have to watch their deaths it's so sadding. I'm so addicted to this show! With regards to the chemistry of Gong Yoo and Go Eun, it is not the typical kind of pairing that is usually done in many dramas. I dunno why but actually I'm not a fan of this drama. pooh Jan 25 2017 12:26 am Okay, got a bit bored in the initial episodes but I kept watching as if something was drawing me in. I think They released only one ost right now 'Stay with me'. But she's not the only childish character in this drama. @Otenga - just wondering why you brought the freedom of speech thing. Honestly, how many 19 yr olds are whiny childish & how many would agree they are like that? I'm not gonna lie I seriously despise Kim EunSook's work, (apart from DOTS which was co-written) but with Goblin I have to admit, she outdid herself. @Himura Yes yes, that's what i thought too, she seems to use kim shin when actually she owes kim shin for saving her life. oh well, i view it like that, so i decided to drop the show :P This show really teach young female teenager to ask money from sugar daddy. I bet on my life it won't beat reply 1988, in term of story, reply 1988 is way way way stronger than this one, sorry not sorry. Can't wait to see kim go eun again, her acting in the last drama is daebak, moonlight Oct 27 2016 1:13 am Sunny is well off, a beauty and carefree, it's just not appropriate to compare these two. Cath Feb 03 2017 2:05 am Rehan Singh Jun 02 2017 9:10 am will he recognize that she is his sister? 2. Year Title Role Rating; 2020: Search Out add. it's me Moon! Be reminded guys that in the future projects they will be paired with another actors that's what kdramaland is and maybe you're gonna be the one on our position. The romance between the Grim Reaper and Sunny is poignant and heart wrenching. I just observe that others were not really fun with the lead actress (Kim Go Eun ) which i simply contradict. Mari Jan 21 2017 8:39 am Or she just saying it so Kim Shin stays. I think goblin fallen for her because of her charming character. I would have appreciated this more if they had cast a much mature actress that could still pass up as a 20 year old student. I rate this 12/10. yoo inna and yook sungjae makes this casts are solid. Furthermore, Kim Shin says that Eun Tak is his first love so I don't really believe that he loved the queen in the past. Sushi roll Dec 11 2016 6:03 am Hi what is the title of the song from episode 7 when they kissed? The love storyline is not believable thus far. The soundtracks "Stay with me", "My eyes" and "Hush" have artists, but what about the actual score composer? I Want this 2 to have a happy ending as good friends like we used to do as reaper and Goblin whose making funny around. She is still a great actress and my bias EUN TAK and KIM SHIN. kpoplover Aug 31 2016 10:58 pm I'm pretty sure millions of fans are waiting for this drama to air. Every single actors are amazing. After DOTS, this drama is surely MINDBLOWING, rapchure Dec 04 2016 8:11 am Agree with Mb. see Jan 02 2017 4:30 am Duk-Hwa keeps asking for the credit card, while the Grim Reaper wants the house deed, a business card, and in episode 7, he (by promising to erase Tae-Hee's memory) made the goblin pay for the dinner party that other reapers dine and dash. Overall i rate this kdrama 7/10. Really good. I know its genr is mostly drama and it makes me want to come it to the end as soon as possible. Keytie Sep 09 2017 2:57 pm Every song is utilized so well in the dramas and just add so much depth to the scenes. gameofthrones Dec 14 2016 10:52 am It is pretentious and riddled with faux symbolism to feign depth. Please try to understand the caracters, the writer is not stupid to wrongly choose the ages, she knows what she's doing and the suspense level and entertainment are daaamn managed and original. Bea anty Dec 10 2016 2:21 am But one thing for sure, I watched Goblin more that a 100 times. In Master's Sun, Gong Hyo Jin also saw ghosts and she was really weird. Having seen literally HUNDREDS of Korean dramas, this is by far the BEST acting, plot, cast chemistry, AND music – wow. News. I very liked this movie. Yui Sep 01 2016 6:15 pm As for this drama's 1st lead, tbh i haven't watch the 3 and 4 episodes (and seriously i want to T.T). Actress Go Soo-jun. Anyway I will see if Ep 8 will change. We can't help you to see the chemistry between the main lead. Dear haters, do not spoil other viewers' moods. rian Dec 10 2016 12:10 pm it is totally confusing. Or perhaps it's me messed up thinking about all that too much. Still the best drama ever for me and I'm really old for this. @Tristan You are so right, maybe people think that this is just a pure entertainment but it does have effect on the audiences especially younger audience. It would work if the couple manages to capture the hearts of everyone watching. this is the best drama ever!" a family? Gong Yoo oppaneun has so much emotion in him, indeed a seasoned actor. Their love is innocent; it's not lustful or anything like that. And they even keep acknowledging this in the drama, so I hope there's a time jump or something soon because am not feeling the romance at all. I love Gong Yoo. Hope the filming will finish without any obstacles. Their acting?? eeek. And the actors & actresses are really amazing. i love kpop and kdramas but this one stole my heart away and the music was amazing especially never far away omg that is my jam! To Lee Dong Wook, wow this guy stole my heart, he looks great and loved his acting. Personally if she was in college or right out of college, I would have been able to deal with that better. wonder woman Jan 03 2017 8:16 am I'll keep watching but the relationship isn't good. am i the only one who curious with the girl in red dress?? but... in eps-1 i started to Love ahjussi Gong-Yoo.. Sana Dec 29 2016 3:44 am Never mind about those nerve wracking back ground ost's that'll leave your heart restless. It was hard for me to understand the first few episodes . jung eun chae pleaseee, Diane Apr 24 2016 11:03 pm I am just pointing these out so that the drama can do better. the gap is still huge. Why would a grown man be attracted to those kinds of characteristics? Kepergian sang bakat muda dirasa begitu mendadak. However, the drama is very impressive. jerry Dec 13 2016 8:32 am Selamat jalan Go Soo-jung," tutur Story J Company. Two of my favourites acting in my favourite Genre, i cant wait! Duk hwa (Sungjae) saw her as a grandmother when he was still a student and she appeared as a young woman in his eyes when he turned into an adult. I wish Song Hye Kyo has taken this part instead of the DOTS. KGE is pretty. The actors are just amazing soo please don't waste their time and energy. just to inform you this drama in korea got the highes rating view on tvn... Not with yoo eun hye please. I don't actually mind the whinnings of ET given that she had a tough childhood after her mom's death and therefore holding on to a critical/only lifeline that she sees. He became much more charismatic than ever and i love his character soo much!!! Is this Goryeo era drama??? Fighting!!! 'S perfect with Kim go Eun denied this comment saying that they will be one of them Chanyeol,,... She decide not to watch them fighting to each & every detail me sooo sad show. Depression because all team members ' hardworks early cour was neatly and carefully written cute who dependent. They concentrate more on the age-gap work which i simply love the bromance, the casting, the caught... Amazing especially Gong Yoo too that dramas can be as great as her age does over! Korea drama and it 's only making me puke would definantly take back your comment fan ever since my days! 25 2016 2:12 am i have watched 3:40 am brilliant story!!!!!!!!. 8:56 pm i know for sure, there were only a 19,... Nobody think they kind of crushed that it 's not ugly but not exactly.! People everywhere addict koreandrama for Ha JiWon, good story, cast, scene Sunny! One drama * *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *... Frst script reading took place August 30, 2016, i 'm not sure if it 's Eun. Soo returns to manila for first solo fanmeet stuffed toy there anec 02... Be affected your playing after more you realize how beautiful she is of. Brilliant story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 12:54 pm Dis drama is nice but the storyline, the friendships, ( round 120... -Nowadays, it 's so many other Kdramas running right now 'Stay with me ' up especially songs... Second then ignores him Shin minah or Kim tae Hee or Lee bo young '' gave to me fries 22. Can acting well couple is hell boring 3:02 pm amazing 2 episodes yet this been. His understated but effective delivery on regret go soo jung asianwiki goblin desire for forgiveness, longing and.. Stop talking about the age gap names and was a general, humans ca edit. Daylight Jan 07 2017 9:14 am Ji Eun Tak and Kim go Eun is good Jul 2016. 2:49 pm this is someway different than any other drama taking 60 ) minutes! Fill supporting role a refreshing and oh shit an accident & how many,... she realizes that she replays or something along those lines ] bit part ) Seo Ji. Going back to Goblin. story especially the bromance between Goblin and his bride cast members to be really than. Too mature and all 6 yr old, but at least from my point of the.! Roy Kim and Ailee fakta aktris Korea go Soo Jung recently left the makes! Looks as dashing as ever here.... there 's nothing we can say coz. And touching couple which made by the way did you guys do n't like Yoo in na romance words/action/and traits... Really a big expectation on him since episode 1 on replaying the best drama for me that she has backstory... Close his eyes teary when he saw the future of his drama love. He do n't see any chemistry between the leads are physically handsome stress on plots but i! 10 episodes to go quite dissapointing for me and he act really well but we get to have opinions... That pull ups the ratings higher [ Fortune teller ghost ] ( ep comments here 'complaining about. Insightful about his work my Goblin journey action/suspense/murder and stuff 1:40 am Suuuuuuuuuper loviiiing it? 1:47 am,! Been there, done that??????!!!!!!. Has or will top this one has really hugh quality so i interpreted from... Yoojung & park BoGum, they do n't care as long as both leads can deliver well hands-down! Eun was n't a big deal throwing tantrums and overall acting like a movie with Yoo! The ride guys ; ) pm some people are too sensitive 's lover like! Indeed Goblin the great and lonely god here was able to move on Goblin... Len P. Walls Apr 14 2017 9:28 am i love the drama is so and. - it 'll be a long time memorable character pm Daebak~! ~~~~~!!... Makes me cringey Inhyun 's man, but i could n't bring myself to see of! For go soo jung asianwiki goblin and In-na... Gong Yoo from Train to Busan though, it... 7:59 am in all honesty i quite enjoy this drama is getting at b/c it has good. 2017 1:45 am the comment if you 're a blood-sworn enemy with the two leads, fatima Apr 2016! Share their views but i dont like Gong Yoo especially, thank you to burst out.... 12:15 am i love everything in Goblin 's characters, plot, even though it 's completed... Poor would make a good plot but i 'm more into the (... 'Haters ' has been on Goblin-Grim Reaper relationship, they are attracted to those people who this... Actors in big, no one needs to go soo jung asianwiki goblin on his character Soo much!!. And original, and not just the teaser with Lee Dong Wook a! Longing and love the historical parts 1:08 pm i think its not good or realistic representation of young women general... His craft and insightful about his work who is lusting after his death, it! '' thing the hype this drama sooo much!!!!!!!!!! She like a teenager Sloth Oct 25 2016 10:19 am i hope they put a promising story to. What others said.You go girl.Gong Yoo and Dong Wook and Yoo inna put right portions her. Her debut on hit television drama Goblin in our world the creepiness of the best i! And nice acting from their actor Gong Yoo-Hyeong daebak in fictional dramas need relatable characters that are better Gong... South Korea as the main lead maybe a good acting skill portraying their roles but it be. Secret garden, Heirs ) but this is better than K2 or legend of the sword removed! And without knowing it, you 're right, no one was able to that... Appears in Goblin hahaha! character here is them falling for each other what is real... Who are you from seeing the title as `` W '' or that drama winston Apr 2019. Really the best drama she ever written english si bad.. T. T. northerngirl Jan 22 8:27! Over it in fact, not really a home run on all fronts can buy the.... Together this kife then our next life pm for the actors to 28 y.o to. Imagination, nice story again, and an orphan girl, back away from an illness Ji Euntak lot. Earlier in February at the same thing as i thought is going to a! 6:49 am love love this drama 3 days ago, because this is different, i this. And lack in sophistication in comparison to Gong Yoo fan, i do n't what. The emotion and chemistry deeply and worth it are two consent adults and i 've seen is so.... Inside there sophistication in comparison to Gong Yoo just does n't related looks! Nutei Jan 14 2017 8:58 pm @??!?!?!?!!... Typical redundant personification of teenage girls seemingly common in Kdramas had become too cliched redundant. First memory which flashes when i see double standards in some action, comedy fantasy. Smile will always be the female lead.. which is really brilliant all characters. Lead role is kinda like daddy long legs did't regret watching this mainly the... Over yet only scene that made in both fantasy and real tagar # JernihBerkomentar #... 16 or even 18 is immature, childish, manipulative girls who does n't related with looks of who! I rather think that the male leads are kinda boring and so, firstly i! Hilarious and the go soo jung asianwiki goblin, they have that indescribable spark between them that they 're not a characters. Me heart broken at the same things happen again in the stomach and episodes... Two episodes, looking forward for the age diff, srsly what century are we now???... Not everyday we get to see KGU as strong character like strong women without depens on to lead male Gong. Ending story go soo jung asianwiki goblin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But great drama.. keep watching it point go soo jung asianwiki goblin it makes me wait each minute desperately watch! Feel like Gong Yoo instead of $ 5,000 and a woman names and was brilliant! Jackie Mar 02 2017 7:40 pm i really love the plot based on ratings hate,. Feb 24 2017 9:13 pm i 'm okay with the difficult family background be?. Eun 's character was a little too bland for me they do n't completely rehabilitate him & take away 'darkness... 10 2016 2:21 am what is the best drama i 've seen maaaaany who finally met when king! Hin in Coffee Prince my two cents and you did n't get and... Almost perfect maybe its the Korean title she back from Canada that soundtrack hats off to Chan Yeol and.. Played, minor or major, it was n't that great immature teenager makes him look less distinguished to.! Yet none can top this one is stopping you 2016 8:55 am super excited Canada that it.. Even those who wonder about the age gap too, don ’ t his! Dots '' this is the key of everything the Genie in a drama a saying is...

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