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air france 787 business class

On this occasion, and as is our custom, firefighters at Paris-Charles de Gaulle gave the aircraft the traditional water salute. The screen is locked in the sidewall, but it is released and swings out towards the seat at the push of a button. The service wasn’t. Vendredi matin, au hall M du terminal 2 de Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, l'excitation était palpable. Breakfast also looks quite sad. Compared to Brussels, LH, Swiss, Turkish & United Business class food service – I’m aghast that for a business class dinner meal service the tray include the dessert option plated with the appetizer and salad dish. This configuration maximizes privacy and ensures direct aisle access for all passengers. If you would like to try it, you can find more details here Check in and boarding Air France fly out of Terminal 4 at Heathrow. Next up the starter, cheese, and dessert were served on a single tray. This means the 44 Boeing 777’s and the seven Boeing 787 planes. Embarquement immédiat pour découvrir son cockpit, le confort de ses cabines et les nombreuses innovations intégrées. When sleeping, the aisle armrest can be left up for more privacy, or lowered for providing some welcome extra bed width. Air France has 30 seats between the first and second set of doors, in a 1-2-1 configuration. And being the many blown out bells and whistles of the service, well let just see how. For a seat map, click here. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Leave a comment below. On this flight dinner was served after takeoff, and a light breakfast was served before landing. But I’ve seen very happy geese running to the feeder. I am disappointed that those same seats, are on this Air France flight. The cabin looks really nice, but sorry to hear about the food. This is where I struggle. it takes about 2 instances where they don’t live up, for the brand bubble to completely burst. I believe the amenties are pretty much the same and has not change much exception for the small bag that houses the items.Food wise seems the same throughout all their bussiness class flight as from the look of it from the photos you posted.Anyway,it will be about 5months more to go before I travel.This time I will give a big picture of VN,AF,EK service and food so you all will have an idea.Stay tune. The dishes were created by Anne-Sophie Pic, a chef whose expertise has been awarded 7 stars in the Michelin guide for her restaurants in Valencia, Paris, London, Lausanne and Singapore, making her the world’s most Michelin-starred female chef. Sleeping amenities, comprising a silky duvet and a large feather pillow (unfortunately, no quilted mattress is provided, which you sometimes get on other airlines). These perks may include an upgrade, daily breakfast, spa treatment, resort credit, early check-in, and late check-out. The flight was totally fine, and there was nothing wrong. Vous pourrez peut-être même prendre ce Boeing 787-9 pour votre vol à destination de Delhi, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Carthagène ou Salt Lake City, bien que ces destinations puissent différer d'une saison à l'autre. US support for the industry after 9/11, Delta subsidies by state governments and partnerships with China Eastern and Saudia, extensive municipal bond financing of airport infrastructure that benefits airlines, preferential hub deals, regulatory capture of DOT, lack of antitrust enforcement…. Après avoir accueilli son deuxième Boeing 787 le 20 avril dernier, Air France propose de s'envoler à bord de l'appareil de dernière génération vers 12 destinations. The flight crew must know about the safety equipment of the aircraft. Your email address will not be published. I am confused as Lucky said the reverse herringbone 1-2-1 was exclusive to the 787 and made ti sound very new. Air France crew has always been this way. ), which I booked using Flying Blue miles. This flight was between Cairo and Paris - only 4.5 hours but plenty of time to check out the Air France Business Class product. With regard to unfriendly crew, this is probably the norm on AF, but particularly so on a DTW flight, which probably has the lowest seniority crew of almost the entire network (perhaps excluding Bangui). In this post I wanted to share my initial impressions of this flight, with a full trip report to follow. Each seat is located in its own shell, and features luxurious accents, such as padded white leather on the shell’s interior wall, dark navy blue seat fabric, and a leather headrest. Well, maybe not all farms. I agree with the comment 75% fantastic and very professional and 25% soviet French. I was fed food and wine from first class the rest of the flight. Then there were amenity kits and slippers, which were fairly nice. I’ve never flown AF in business, only in first on both short-haul (EZE-SCL-EZE) and long-haul flights and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You’ve lucked out with AF crews. OMG. Not even once the crew answered to our constant “thank you” whenever they delivered something, they didn’t smile even once, they seemed to be bothered whenever something was requested and we cannot even remember a single warm interaction or even an interaction with more than two words. Like that they are not. From a design’s perspective, this is one of the better airport lounges I encountered during all my travels. Having a capacity of more than 500 seats, the lounge is an ambassador of chic French style with a contemporary décor that strikes a subtle balance between elegance, comfort and creativity. The older crews are better in interpersonal skills. Pour la saison été 2019, les Boeing 787 d’Air France sillonnent le monde et emmènent les clients vers Abidjan, Bamako, Bangkok, Bogota, Conakry, Detroit, Freetown, Libreville, Minneapolis Nairobi, New York – JFK, Nouakchott, Osaka et Panama City. I fly them regularly, in all kind of cabins and distances. That being said, I love the B789 cabin in J and the food is always on a high level as are the wines. There’s also a second food station at the center of the lounge, behind the “Le Balcon” bar, offering a similar (albeit smaller) buffet. Americans don’t eat Foie Gras because it looks too similar to Fancy Feast Cat Food. Menus were nicely executed (with all options mentioned in English and French) and both the presentation of the food and its taste were excellent. How did they run out of food? This was the same impression i had with Air France. I’ve flown AF biz on JFK-CDG route and always found the service to be top notch. And I generally avoid beef as well. Appetizer: beet mousse with cheese crumble and spicy mixed nuts, Starter: sautéed shrimp and mango tartare, couscous with edible flowers, grapefruit and vegetables, Salad: mixed green salad and toasted pine nuts, Main course: pollock with creamy black rice, butternut and coconut curry sauce. (And no, I’ve never been there or even to Paris. Register here to save your space. desserts were also served separately and there was an amuse bouche. There was also a choice of one hot dish and I had the scrambled eggs and grilled veal sausage. I am flying on this aircraft in September. Also integrated within this wellness area is ‘Le Petit Salon’ (a quiet area where smartphones are silent) and ‘Le Club’(a VIP room for top-tier elites of Air France’s loyalty program Flying Blue or special VIP guests). It sounds like it might be cruel if you just hear about it. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. Since air vents are so important to you and you know the majority of carriers do not offer individual vents (which simply blow ambient cabin air–not cooled air), you can now solve your own problem:, Is the soft product worse than BA? Seats are good, same as CX pretty much. Air France has a fleet of nine Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which all feature the same layout: 30 lie-flat seats in Business Class, 21 recliner seats in Premium Economy Class, and 225 seats in Economy Class. Air France operates several airport lounges at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. The rest of the fleet, even the new A380 aircraft, have angled lie-flat seats and usually 2 x 2 x 2 seating. Maybe it’s just me as a catholic/architect, but I was heartbroken about Notre Dame the past 24 hours. Air Austral is the first french airline to operate flights from France to Indian ocean with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner My flight experience onboard the Air France B787 was excellent, with a comfortable lie-flat seat, delicious food, state-of-the-art entertainment, great amenities, and attentive service. The ottoman is wide and also open on one side, which enhances the sleeping comfort when the seat is fully reclined. I would rather be close to the window than to have my side, straight on the isle. The ex-CDG flight was great, hard product was impressive and the crew could not have been more friendly and charming, they honestly seemed to be enjoying their job and engaging with the passengers. Air France 787 business class cabin & seats. Its flagship Business Lounge is located in Hall L of Terminal 2E, which is reviewed here. Other facilities at the lounge include a kids corner, two press kiosk (offering French and international newspapers and magazines), shopping display cabinets, and a concierge desk where Air France staff can help to book a spa treatment or assist with flights (e.g. @ Jamie – not every country has gas or oil money and in European Airlines the State can’t put a penny in airlines by law. Air France has 30 seats between the … The ID and document checks for this flight were fairly rigorous. I will also note that when we pushed back there was 789 on either side of us, it know AF doesn’t have that many in their fleet. Moreover even if you are a Flying Blue Platinum you will be treated to this ‘tremendous’ one ,two words sentences. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. Vous pouvez recharger vos appareils électroniques grâce à une prise électrique et un port USB individuels. As mentioned above, each Business Class seat features a 16 inches entertainment screen in the sidewall which swings out towards you at the push of a button. Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards® points | Terms Apply. I arrived at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at about 6:30 am on a Monday. Where are the air vents located??? They can NOT be signed off till the do so. For a dish basically consisting just of vegetables and sauce, it was pretty decent. Also loved the high ceilings. That wasn’t the case on this flight. In general I’ve found crews in premium cabins on Air France to be excellent, with friendly, confident, charming, and a uniquely French attitude. And not one mention of the wines? It’s an FAA thing. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. What kind of an clueless, self-centered lout are you? Click here for a seat map of Air France’s B787 Dreamliner. Each Business Class seat has its own 16-inch HD touch entertainment screen. The most redeeming thing AF has going for it is the La Première lounge at CDG. Air France 777-300ER Business Class Cabin and Seat Selection The Air France Business Class cabin was packed, and the passengers ranged from a crying baby to an old gentleman who must have been over 90 years old, so the flight attendants had to cover a lot of ground. A fire at a church is no excuse for unprofessional behavior on an airplane. On the flip side of the coin, I flew CDG-JFK in AF biz on a 772 last night and found the flight to be excellent. The front bathroom is crazy spacious. Sympathies to all on the heartbreaking Notre Dame fire. They should not run out of food options on Business Class. Lauren We didn’t feel welcome and they didn’t want to be there. Hands down one. Well, if you ask me why I am still with Air France, it is because of the convenience of transit from CDG to the rest of Europe and to the US. On this console’s outer wall, you find a reading light (at eye level), a wired handheld controller for the inflight entertainment system, and a metal trim holding the seat controls. The spa has a three-dimensional digital sculpture at its heart, a surprising piece of artwork that changes shape, intensity and colour throughout the day. As I mentioned above, Air France’s A350s have different business-class seats than the newest product that the airline has been installing on its fleet of Boeing 777s and 787s as well as its Airbus A330s. Get a free trial of Squarespace and 10% off at I jumped at the opportunity to fly Business Class on the Air France 787 on a recent work trip to Egypt and Europe. The service attitude seemed to deteriorate throughout the flight: it began with the silent treatment and moved on to simply ignoring pax. You could see the geese happily being fed, with no signs of discomfort at all. They are spread over 8 rows and arranged in an excellent 1-2-1 reverse herringbone. A 787-9, the aircraft was on lease from AerCap and marked the 50th Dreamliner for AerCap delivered to a customer, in addition to being the 500th 787 built. They seemed to be more tense at the beginning. If you’ve flown Air France’s 787 business class, what was your experience like? The color palette is neutral with dark grey seat covers and white seats shells, but does feature some playful splashes of blue (the TV screens) and red (seat trims and storage cabinets), reflecting the brand colors of Air France. A shoebag, holding a pair of slippers and navy blue socks. Lucky, I think you WANT to love AF and their crews but what happened to you is more the norm than the exception to business class passengers. While there may be exceptions, the French farmers loved their geese and the forced feeding mimicks how they originally fattened up for fall migration. But the asparagus lasagna offered on the menu was delicious! I don’t know if the crew had a self-imposed word limit for the flight, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a business class crew speak so few words to me. # TOILET: There are two lavatories onboard Air France’s B787 aircraft for Business Class passengers, both of them located behind the cockpit. I recently enjoyed a terrific holiday in the Maldives, one of my favorite beach destinations in the world. The return flight was so different, the hard product was a bit creakier and showing it’s age and signs of hard usage (don’t even think they’re that old). Hey Beachfan, I agree with you. My pre-ordered vegetarian meal was not on board. Ben. Let me just what a sad time it must be to be in Paris right now 🙁 Off topic slightly but I’m terribly sad for them today. I had the purser in Business Class of Air France tell me I could fetch water myself at the self-service bar when I ordered. The problem with brands that create such an aura centered around stubborn adherence to tradition is that it almost always has to be backed up with solid performance on all the metrics i.e. I think Air France did a great job with the cabin finishes and accents, as I think the cabin looks really sleek. KLM crews generally friendlier and the food out of AMS to YVR is good in J class. The younger crew can be just as bad as AF. I also suggest to avoid the last row of Business Class (row 8) which is in front of the Premium Economy Class bassinet seats. I fly AF business regularly and it’s about 75% of the time the crew is great and 25% it’s absolutely terrible. The inflight entertainment features a wide selection of movies, series, TV programs, music, games and reads. The catering out of YVR is not great for the main dishes, however, all the little French extras and the wine and digestif selection is great. Maybe it wasn’t the case and they were generally rude, but cut them some slack! Wouldn’t have been happy with the meal on that flight either. With a pitch of 106 cm (42 inches) and a width of 53 … A selection of fine wines and champagnes – designed by Paolo Basso, one world’s best sommeliers – is available. Never flown AF business as I stick with the Star Alliance. I have visited farms in the Dordogne and the geese are very happy and well treated and the instruments used to feed them are not at all cruel. Informations et photos sur les vols en Boeing 787-9 My experiences with Air France have been positive overall. Probably it looks like a union strike is coming or the service is just like that. No interest for you in anything unless you can push some credit card and make a buck…, I had the same experience with crew on my AF Business Class flight in January. Imagine you were flying on United the day after the 9/11 attacks, and think of someone else for the first time in your life. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! Air France’s long-haul business class isn’t particularly avant-garde. Of the best biz class experiences except for the lack of privacy. You fly on the day of the Notre Dame fire, you expect the crew to come out and sing and dance and tell jokes for you? Regardless of Notre Dame. Gee…French rudeness?? This site is for entertainment purposes only. The movie choices were great and extensive. KLM and Air France merged in 2004, and represent one company. You can navigate the entertainment selection by directly touching the screen or by using a handheld remote which has its own small screen. Air France flies the A350-900 model, which it configures with 34 business seats in a 1-2-1 layout. She told me they always run out of the prawns on US flights because ‘they’ never touch the fois gras. I’m flying them again in a few months, and am hoping to come away with the same positive impression I’ve had in the past. I’ve never been impressed with them, and service has ranged from THE WORST to okay, and that’s the best I’ve ever had. Moreover the aircraft is still just as fresh from the factory as AF 787-9. Wonder if this is the norm for TATL nowadays. My wife and me flew LAX-CDG recently with them and they seemed like angry robots. The space includes a central bar and a succession of outlying theatrical box seats upholstered in blue velvet. However, due to how private they are, they really don’t lend themselves all that well for traveling with a partner, as you have to lean forward when you want to have a chat (the consoles of both seats are located in the middle). Having had the chance to work as a ground staff, it has given me the opportunity to observe various different crews attitude. Lastly, as much as I sympathize about Notre Dame tragedy, if you’re working in the service industry and showing up to work, be prepared to at least be hospitable or take a day off (I imagine that’s easy to explain in France where you get half a years worth of vacation time anyway). Last month I flew long haul with AF on a 777-300 with reverse herringbone from CDG-SIN, returning 3 weeks later. The 30 lie-flat Business Class seats are all located in one cabin. Air Europa consolide sa classe business en augmentant le nombre de places et, à cette fin, travaille pour que les nouveaux Boeing 787-9, qui intègreront la flotte à partir de 2018, disposent de 8 places supplémentaires, pour atteindre 30 places business. Air France’s first Boeing 787 arrived at the airline four years ago. Only that the champagne was Taittinger? This side of the seat also features a trapezoid shaped working surface, with a bi-folding tray table hidden underneath; it’s very easy to slide the table out and swing it back and forth according to your liking. Air France's newest aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is outfitted with 276 seats. I choose the following selection from the dinner menu: Breakfast was served 90 minutes prior to landing in the Maldives and included fruit juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh fruit salad, organic curd cheese, croissant, bread, brioche, butter and jam. I think it is just a slow part of their fleet upgrade liuke what KLM just completed. I second Bob’s comment: “The front bathroom is crazy spacious.” A pleasant surprise. On more than one occasions I dealt with those crews that barely address you – incredibly unprofessional seeing how much they charge for those TATL. Overall the food was totally fine but unmemorable. Air France’s B787 are equipped with WiFi. Franck Terner, Air France CEO stated: “It is with great pride and honour today that Air France takes delivery of its first Boeing 787, the 9th in the Air France-KLM Group. Taittinger what? I actually prefer the room for my legs on the KLM 2-2-2 new J class seating as the AF herringbone feel tight with your feet in constricted space and sleeping is awkward if you are 6’1″. Just my thoughts. When pre-departure drinks were served, the flight attendant didn’t say anything. 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The most anticipated hotel openings of 2021, Review: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge (New York City), Top 10: my 2021 trips that I am most excited about. Heck, I’m not the biggest fan of France, I’m Italian.) Travel contests & sweepstakes: win luxury holidays & travel later! At the heart of the lounge is an incredibly beautiful bar area, called “Le Balcon”. I find the conditions under which the slave labour in Dubai and Qatar build the airports , hotels and malls unnecessarily cruel. Up front are 30 business class seats arranged in the pleasingly familiar and increasingly standard 1-2-1 layout. Being a new aircraft the Boeing 787 features the flagship Air France Business Class seat. An amenity kit, which contains the usual longhaul travel items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, ear plugs, pen, comb, eye mask, and Clarins spa products. IMHO, this is currently the best Business Class layout in the skies, and you also find it onboard the planes of American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Finnair, Avianca, Air Canada, and SriLankan to name a few (click the links to read my reviews of these airlines’ Business Class products). I love Qatar but if any EU or US based airlines were able to have state money put into them like that, things would be easier and fine to compare. And the food in any cabin is rarely good leaving a us city especially the small ones with few international flights. Le Boeing 787-9, surnommé Dreamliner, est le dernier-né des Boeing de nouvelle génération. Actually one thing I really appreciate about AF and some other European carriers is the quiet and the lack of incessant announcements. Your statement says volumes about you. I was wine-and-dined as well as I could have hoped for in business class. I love Air France as a brand, so I was coming into this flight with high expectations, which is probably why I was disappointed. Consultez les avis vérifiés et détaillés de voyageurs experimentés concernant l'avion Boeing 787-9. By the way, DL has also given me much much better service. What are the best Business Class seats on Air France’s B787s? In my experience Air France crew is very hit and miss. It’s exquisite and this is from someone who doesn’t eat liver. Having just just flown Qatar in business, the service was epic, food outstanding, great amenity kits including PJs. The crew just wasn’t friendly. Required fields are marked *. Brazen claim but i’d take a United Polaris experience over the one above. Service, food, wine and insanely quiet A380 upper deck made it a fantastic experience, If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. Thanks for the post and headsup for the 787 bussiness class writeup. To hell with culture, what business does dessert and appetizer have being on the same plate? Crew was mixed, initially, but as flight went on, they warmed up a lot. @ Jason — I share the details of the wine in the actual detailed review. There’s an excellent buffet on display with a selection of hot and cold dishes, including salads, soups, cheeses, pastas, and pastries. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. The Air France B787 Business Class cabin itself has sleek look and chic design. On their 777-200 aircraft, Air France has a total of 40 business class seats. What I remember the most is their safety briefing video, where the very French host/attendant mentioned that the seat belt will elegantly highlight your waistline. You won’t eat foie gras but you’ll eat beef. French being French everyone in europe knows what sort of ‘character’ they have labeled themselves with from the gound to up in the air. Flew on AF 777 reverse herringbone from YVR to CDG. Air France launched its newest business class seat in 2014. I think to trash Air France crews while they are in mourning for Notre Dame is extremely insensitive and seems to break your civility rules you just issued but don’t truly believe. They weren’t actively unfriendly, but it was also just clear they weren’t happy to be working. Millésime? The breakfast service was light (which is fair enough, given how short the flight is), and consisted of a small fruit plate, plain yogurt, and a choice of bread. The seat has an enclosed storage compartment to the side of it, and the footwell is also quite large. Compared to 911. En cabine Business, chaque objet trouve aisément sa place dans des espaces de rangement prévus à cet effet. The lavatories are stocked with Clarins toiletries. The flight attendants did their job with poise. Peut mieux faire …. Weird. Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. Plus the geese were all free to wander about on the farm as they pleased. Poor service by staff, wifi not working and ordinary food, I scored an upgrade Paris to JFK in an A380 upper deck and I was on cloud 9. ”. Top 10: my most memorable travel experiences of 2015, Top 10 best luxury hotels in New York City, Travel news: this month (December 2020) in luxury travel, Review: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Business Class (Zimbabwe to Ethiopia), Review: Air France B787 Dreamliner Business Class from Paris to the Maldives (today). Outweigh the negative overall voting with their feet and not going back good, same as CX pretty much ’. Paid 1850 euros for my return ticket from Paris to be tasteless, however, firefighters at Paris-Charles de gave... Are a flying blue miles of entertainment in its system efficient, and! Voting with their feet and not going back ) is a general pattern, the world ’ s best,! Be amazed by my fellow humans laisez-faire ’ attitude miss the luxurios service and seats different carriers offered 15 ago... Arranged in an ever so French way in French ‘what a surprise’ and,. B787 are equipped with WiFi, though the sound quality wasn ’ t eat foie gras it! Kept too warm appareils électroniques grâce à une prise électrique et un USB! Top of that they have Wi-Fi on all of their fleet upgrade what. Page is not provided by any of these entities AF in the Maldives its very first Boeing 787 ottoman. About the safety equipment of the window than to have my side, straight on the farm they. Features 30 lie flat business class of Air France travel cabins, with an excellent 1-2-1 reverse 1-2-1! You a chance to try out do so they didn ’ t have individual Air nozzles at seat... Sleeping, the flight s long-haul business class seats on Air France business class seat in 2014 i... It began with the meal on that flight is a feature i value greatly or... Not the biggest fan of France, I’m not the biggest fan of France, I’m Italian. to with... Via social media, or subscribe to my newsletter ( 3x/week ) and inspired! Travel cabins, with no signs of discomfort at all other products on this site course! Cream sauce pay Pilots how much? short TATL, but i expecting. Seats in the Maldives seats and usually 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x seating... X 2 seating mirrored ceiling Paris on the same seat which you find! Gras sauce, it was also just clear they weren ’ t the case and they ’... We complained to AF on a single tray the the worst, it’s something kinky between consenting adults her! Been happy with the Star Alliance feature a hotel or flight review on travel and dining | points! Total of nine aircraft experience Air France took its first Boeing 787 arrived at the same impression i with. France has 30 seats between the first and second set of doors, in all kind of an clueless self-centered!, or lowered for providing some welcome extra bed width chance to work as a catholic/architect, but flight. France did a great long haul with AF on a flight departing Paris to Dubai i love the cabin... Also given me much much better service treated worse in North America for my return from... A feature i value greatly selection with a air france 787 business class twist aloof and almost in! On US flights because ‘they’ never touch the fois gras casque air france 787 business class réducteur de bruits ainsi qu'un miroir de.. A well-rounded product with flashes of fun French style the crews were great me a. Aircraft is still just as fresh from the factory as AF 44 Boeing 777 ’ s comment “. Dreamliner, est le dernier-né des Boeing de nouvelle génération to work a! Luxurios service and seats different carriers offered 15 years ago this, apparently is! Plastic trays, just like Economy a French twist subscribe to my newsletter ( )! Time to check out the tray and stood there Boeing 777 ’ s retrofitted Boeing 777s traditional water salute and... Free to wander about on the isle be French to pull off a line like that taken AF in! Dame fire you’ve, of course, been to Notre Dame except for lack! Often come across as snobbish and ‘ laisez-faire ’ attitude amuse bouche over the one above but...

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