Florida Driver’s Education

Have you never held a Florida driver’s license? Well, if not, the state of Florida requires that you enroll in a driver’s education program before you are able to apply for a FL driver’s license. MyDriversEd.org strongly recommends enrolling in a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) approved Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course as a means of satisfying your driver’s ed requirements. See a full list of FLHSMV-approved Driver’s Education course providers here.

FL Driver’s Ed / 4 hour Alcohol Course TLSAE

Sign up for the 4-hour TLSAE program complete your requirements from the comfort of your home as you finish it whenever works best for you. In this course, you’ll learn about how alcohol and drugs inhibit your ability to drive safely along with knowledge on the Florida traffic laws, how to drive safely, and how to figure out the Florida roadway laws and conditions like the back of your hand. Upon completion of your online course, you’ll be ready to take on the task of getting your Florida driver’s license by taking the written test at your local FL DMV.

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Driver’s ED in Florida

If you’ve never had a driver’s license in any of the 50 states, any country, or any other jurisdiction, you are required to finish a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education class before you can apply for your FL leaner’s permit. In most states, this is called driver’s education, but the state of Florida calls it the TLSAE, a four-hour alcohol and drug class, or it may also be called the First-Time Driver D.A.T.A class. Other circumstances that may require you to take the TLSAE course are if you’re under 21 years old or your license has been suspended because of a DUI.

Florida Driver’s Education Course Information

It’s vital that everyone take a driver’s ed course to become a more intelligent, safe, and responsible driver. This course will teach you all about why being aware on the roadways is so important along with the traffic safety rules that all first-time drivers must learn. Even if you’re an experienced driver, this course serves as a great refresher.

The FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) states that everyone who is a new driver has to complete a driver’s education course before they are able to apply for a learner’s permit. In some cases, your insurance company may even grant you a discount for finishing a recognized driver’s education course.

For those who have never taken a driver’s education course before, here’s what you can expect to see:

  • The basic principles of becoming a responsible and safe driver.
  • Knowledge on all road signs and traffic signals that you will encounter out on the Florida roadways.
  • The consequences of drugs and alcohol as they relate to getting behind the wheel.

Your Florida driver’s education course (TLSAE) will last four hours, and you’ll have about a maximum of 30 minutes to use as a break.

For those under the age of 18 who have successfully completed their online driver’s education course, you’ll be granted permission to take your DHSMV written test online. In other cases, you must visit your local FL DHSMV in person to take the written test before obtaining your FL learner’s permit.

After you’ve passed the written exam, the course results will be automatically sent to the Florida DHSMV electronically.

Florida Driver’s Education Eligibility Requirements

For first time drivers, you will have to finish a TLSAE program before applying for your FL learner’s permit.

The age requirement for being allowed to apply for a learner’s permit is 15 years old.

You should call your driver’s ed course provider for more information on the age requirements that need to be satisfied to sign up for a course.

Many high schools teach state-approved driver’s education courses, and these courses usually include the same material covered in the TLSAE.

Remember Online Practice Tests!

The best way to become prepared for your written driving test is to use online practice tests. Another very valuable tool for studying is the Florida driver handbook, which includes all of the information that makes up your written exam.

You’ll find that these tests are about just as long as the real test at the DHSMV, and many of the questions you encounter on the practice tests will show up on your real test. It’s like having a cheat sheet before you go in for the real thing!

Just Moved to Florida?

If you’ve successfully completed a driver’s education course in a different state before your move to Florida, you can expect to have it honored by the FL DHSMV so long as state requirements have been met. If you’d like more details on this, please call your Florida DHSMV.

Types of FL Driver’s Education

You can take driver’s education in Florida through the following methods:

  • With a high school or secondary school.
  • Through a qualifying third-party organization either online or in a regular classroom setting.

What Comes after Driver’s Education?

After successfully completing your FL TLSAE driver’s education program, the provider of your program will notify the Florida DHSMV of your successful completion in five days or less.

Once you’ve completed your driver’s ed course, your next step is to obtain your Florida learner’s permit.

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