Indiana Driver’s Education

IN Driver’s Ed

As a teenager attempting to get your first driver’s license, you will need to finish a driver’s education program to satisfy the requirements. These requirements are set by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

After getting your Indiana learner’s permit and after your driver’s education course, you will be able to start your practice behind the wheel. Soon enough, you’ll have the know-how to pass your DMV driving test and finally get that coveted driver’s license.

Here you will find everything you need to know about Driver’s Ed programs in Indiana, which includes the required steps towards getting your driver’s license and the options you have for completing them.

Requirements for Taking Driver’s Ed in Indiana

For those who are 15 years of age, you must take a driver’s education course before you will be able to get your Indiana driver’s license.

For those who are 16 or older, you will not need to take a driver’s education program, but it should be noted that you will be better prepared for your road test by taking one.

You may sign up for a driver’s education course after you have turned 15 years old. After you’ve signed up you can get your IN learner’s permit by:

  • Bringing a Certificate of Driver Education Enrollment to your Indiana BMV office.
  • Taking and passing a written exam.
  • To learn more, please check out our In Driver’s Permits page.

Find a School Near Your Area

About the IN Driver’s Education Program

Driver’s education in Indiana is given by recognized and professional driver training schools. There is also the chance for you to complete some of your program online with an approved online driver’s education organization.

Check out the Indiana BMV website to see a compiled list of Driver’s Ed programs by you, along with a list of recognized online program providers.

Once you’ve selected a course, call your course provider to get information such as pricing and class schedules.

Course Curriculum

Your driver’s education course will have you taking both a classroom (or online) and behind-the-wheel portions. You’ll learn about things like:

  • Safety and traffic laws.
  • Responsible driving habits.
  • How to recognize and respond to hazards.
  • How to operate a vehicle.

Everything you learn and practice will ultimately prepare you for the driving test.

Hour Requirements

When looking at the hourly requirements for completing your driver’s education course, you must:

  • Complete 30 hours of classroom or online learning.
  • Complete 6 hours of actual driving practice.

After you are finished with these requirements, you will get a proof of completion certificate.

Getting a Probationary Driver’s License

Along with meeting the requirements for your driver’s education course, you must do the following before you are able to receive your probationary license:

  • Finish at least 50 hours of supervised driving with someone licensed and 25 years or older.
  • Turn in a finished Log of Supervised Driving Practice.
  • Keep your Indiana learner’s permit in good standing for a minimum of 180 days.
  • Wait until you are 16 and 180 days old before scheduling your road test.

NOTE: For those who waited until they were 16 years old to get their learner’s permit and didn’t enroll in driver’s education, you may take your driving test once your are 16 years old and 270 days.

For more information on getting your driver’s license, please check out our Getting an Indiana Driver’s License page.

Find a School Near Your Area