Getting a California Driver’s License

Driver’s License Checklist for California Teen Drivers

Enroll in Driver’s Ed

Complete a Driver’s Education course.

Get Your Learner’s Permit

Ace your written permit test.

Enroll in Driver Training

Get driver training with a professional.

Get Your Driver’s License

Pass your driving test to get your driver’s license.

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CA Driver’s License Guide for Teens

Whether you apply for a provisional or interim license will depend on how old you are. However, both of them require a visit to the California DMV and the passing of a road test. For those applying for an interim license who have not done their written or vision tests, you will need to take those as well.

A) Making an Appointment

You can make an appointment online and submit your documents to take the road test. If you don’t make an appointment, you can’t take your road test.

B) Taking the Road Test

The road test is near, but you have to make sure you satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be 16 or older on the day of your road test.
  • You need to have held your learner’s permit in good standing for at least six months.
  • You must bring proof of car insurance.
  • You must have finished driver’s ed along with six hours of professional training and 50 hours of supervised driving.

Getting Your CA Driver’s License

Provisional License – 16 and Older

Once you’ve passed the driving test, you’ll get your temporary license, which will be valid for 90 days while your official license comes through the mail. If you happen to not receive your provisional license through the mail within 60 days, you should call the DMV for an update on the status. Make sure you have your temporary license information ready when you call.

If you happen to not pass the test, you can retake it in 2 weeks. California allows you three chances to pass the exam before you must go through the application process again. When you go back to the DMV for a retest, you will need to pay a fee and show proof of car insurance.

Interim Driver’s License – 18 and Older

The steps for getting a regular driver’s license are similar to the ones for teens. The main difference is you won’t need to finish driver’s education, professional training, nor documented driving hours. You only need to satisfy the following:

After passing the written exam, you will get a permit that allows you to practice driving. You must have an adult with you who is 18 or older and has a valid CA driver’s license.

After you are confident enough in your driving skills, you can make an appointment with your CA DMV for a road test. Make sure you have proof of car insurance. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll get an interim license that’s valid for 90 days as you wait for your real license to come in the mail.

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