Driver’s Training

Drivers Training

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Driver Training – Teaching Safe Driving

As a teenager looking to get your very own driver’s license, you’re going to need to finish a required amount of behind-the-wheel, supervised driving. This requirement must be satisfied in order to receive your license from your state’s DMV, MVD, MVA, DPS, DOT, or SOS. Though driver training is commonly required for younger drivers, a lot of states still require some kind of supervised driving for brand new drivers at any age.

Supervised training may either be done through a state driver’s license program or normal license program. Your behind-the-wheel training with an instructor or licensed adult is vital for helping you learn valuable driving skills and gaining the experience you need to pass your driver’s test and gain some freedom with your official driver’s license.

Behind-the-Wheel Practice

In select states, a state’s Driver’s Education program includes behind-the-wheel training under the supervision of a professional driving instructor. Once the classroom requirements of the Driver’s Ed program have been satisfied, many courses will take students through inside-the-car instruction where they will receive real driving training in addition to observing other drivers.

Supervised In-Car Training

Behind-the-Wheel practice with supervision of a parent or legal guardian with a valid license is usually a separate part of what is required for your driver’s training, You may start supervised driving practice one you have finished Driver’s Education and received your learner’s permit. Supervised driving requirements generally include:

  • Completion of a minimum amount of driving hours under supervision.
  • Completion of a certain amount of driving hours at night.
  • Maintaining a log of your hours spent training.
  • Submission of a certification form with a signature of a parent or qualified guardian.

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Completing Driver’s Training in Your State

Select your state below for the behind-the-wheel requirements you need to finish before getting your driver’s license at your state’s DMV, MVD, MVA, DPS, DOT, or SOS.

You’ll learn about:

  • The requirements involved before beginning your supervised driver training.
  • The required hours of professional driver training.
  • Logging the hours of supervised real driving training.
  • Required hours to satisfy the supervised training requirement.
  • The future requirements for obtaining your provisional and official driver’s license.

Behind-the-wheel training under supervision is a necessity for completing the learner’s permit stage in your state’s licensing program. It will provide you with valuable driving experience that allows you to practice your safe driving knowledge gained from your Driver’s Education classes.

In addition to being ready to ace your DMV driver’s test, you will also be able to handle the new responsibilities associated with becoming a driver.

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