Learner’s Permit

Learners Permit

Information About Learner’s Permits

Learner’s Permit 101

The learner’s permit is a license with restrictions that is held by someone who is currently learning how to drive and has not yet finished the requirements for a driver’s license. Usually, a requirement for getting your driver’s license is having the learner’s permit for a minimum set amount of time and taking driving lessons, ultimately leading to a road test.

Practice test questions ensure that a student has the confidence and know-how to work their way towards their driver’s license. There are many online resources that offer students the chance to take free practice tests, and they may also be done in person through your state’s driving organization. Though it is different in each jurisdiction, the learner’s permit can be obtained through passing of a written exam. Taking the test requires that you bring with you a proof of birth, ID, and proof of being enrolled in a Driver’s Ed course.

Notes for Young Drivers

In the U.S., the minimum age to obtain a learner’s permit ranges between 15 and 18, depending on your state. Some drivers will be allowed to log their drives to and from school or work without supervision in certain states. These states are Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New York (except New York City), North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

However, there may be restrictions on the time of day a person can drive. For example, driving from midnight to dawn is not allowed.

In order to gain a learner’s permit, a minor is required to have signed permission from a parent or legal guardian. Once the required age and minimum supervised hours have been met, a teen may apply for his or her license. A driver’s license erases many of the restrictions inherited by those with a learner’s permit, which includes restricted driving times and number of allowed passengers.

Notes for Adult Students

New adult drivers may have different requirements in their state. In select cases, adult drivers may only need to hold a learner’s permit for less than a week before obtaining a driver’s license.

In less common occurrences, an adult driver (aged 21 or older) may pass the written permit exam, pass the driving test (if scheduling works out), pay for the license fees, and obtain the license in a single day.

In Colorado, if fees and scheduling have been settled, the adult student is able to take the permit test and road test on the same day and get their license.

The Last Step: Obtaining the Driver’s License

When learning to drive, it’s vital that all students look up the license and driving laws in their specific state. For example, driving ages for all the different types of licenses are different from state to state A restricted license has different criteria. A driver must:

  • Be of minimum testing age.
  • Have had their license for the needed amount of time.
  • Complete a computer test.
  • Finish a 6-hour, two-day driving test.

The aforementioned driving test involves driving in residential areas or typical neighborhoods. There will be no hazard tests. It is not a huge setback to fail the test as it can generally be taken again within 1-2 weeks.

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