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specialized toupe vs phenom

If in doubt, decide for the wider saddle if you ride rather upright and the narrower if you prefer the "Aero position". Still the most comfortable saddle I've experienced. Dear friends, you are here because you found this or someone told you about this place. Contact: I went with the 143mm and it's perfect. Also needs a break in period like all high end saddles for you rear to get used to it. Could be lighter but then it may not be as comfy, price is a little high but worth it. First Published Feb 10, 2009. For my sit bones, it didn't fair well on rides over 2 hours. The specialized phenom offers a rounded profile that offers a flat base for your sit bones. There are some marks and scuffs throughout. Screen names and cryptic email addresses are okay, but no one is accepted in the community without real life/real world credentials. I opted to switch to this saddle after seeing all the positive reviews and research that Specialized puts into their saddles. Sorry, we voted and that's the way it is. © Copyright 2021 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. This is only my 3rd saddle but I can see why this is the top seller with the LBS. Great to protect your "man goods" the Specialized Body Geometry is no joke I am 100% sold. It basically all boils down to the idea to measure you sitbone distance in normal riding position, take a saddle width of 130mm if you have 70...100mm, the 143 if you have 100...130 and the 155 (which is not available as Phenom) if you exceed that distance. Carbon leather MTB Bike road Bicycle Racing Hollow Seat Saddle Cushion Pad 128g | eBay, If this is your first visit, be sure to The SW Phenom's lab-tested design includes race-tuned stiffness, with Specialized… Fitted to: Curve Belgie Spirit. Specialized Phenom Comp/Ergon SM. So I've been trying out different saddles that were suggested here. Tried the Brooks Cambian and it was okay, not great, and heavy. The Phenom Comp was designed for comfort and strength over long days on the road or trail. After some 60-100km rides on my MTB, I can say that this saddle is among the best I've bought, no risks of buttaches, no numbnesses. Don't ask us what the color of the kit is. The original Power Saddle is a fantastic perch. The Phenom is the best IMO. 5:14. But I'd like something with … Originally intended to be a womens’ saddle, the Specialized … Center cut-out stops perrenial nerve numbness, light weight, cool looking. Romin Evo vs Phenom Specialized Saddles for mountain bike I have always been a WTB Rocket V user for many years on my road and mountain bikes. The Toupe Expert is a light saddle designed for road racing. Get the best deals on Specialized Phenom when you shop the largest online selection at I just wasn't able to find a comfortable position no tilt angle seemed to work, moving the saddle along its rails didn't work either. The Romin I had was a 143 but my suggested size,per Specialized, is a 155. Great fit and design (at least ergonomically), Defective design as rails become loose at back of saddle where they enter the shell. Couple weeks ago for some reason I decided I wanted a body geo seat for my road bike to protect my soft tissues/perineum so I went down to the bike shop to buy a Specialized … The extra gel does add a bit of weight, though, and there are … I got a 2011 model with Ti rails, weighs 238 grams. 1 . I have a mix of Phenom and Toupe on MTB, Road, … Like other Specialized saddles, it comes in three different widths. Width: 143mm. Light weight, looks good. We'll wait to hear back from you. Specialized Phenom VS Bontrager Montrose Comparison of 2 Great Saddles - Duration: 5:14. The shorter nose is nice as well - the Toupe was just too long and snagged the shorts. The S-Works Phenom from Specialized is their flagship off-road saddle, fitted with a lightweight carbon shell and ovalized carbon rails for the best possible performance and strength at a low overall weight. The new toupe pro is a different profile, and while the phenom is rounded at the edge (as it's a MTB saddle meant to be worn with baggies) … I've been very happy with them. Specialized's Toupe is a minimalist saddle with Specialized's Body Geometry technology for top-notch comfort. note how smooth the edges are to prevent short catching : The new Phenom Pro The Phenom was … If it can withstand my 85kgs and riding style, it really deserves 4 chilis, I would have given 5 if there wasn't the considerable price: 120€/165$ is way beyond middle class. That depends on which toupe you're talking about, and what you mean by rounded. 10 . Slight sweep in the back of the saddle helps hug your bum on the steeps. On the bottom a part … Rear bumpers and rails. Specialized Toupe Gel. A moderator will contact you, just say hi and and how you found us. If you want to participate - and we hope you do - please sign up and wait for one of our good looking moderators to approve. UPDATED Thu, Oct 15, 2015 04:24. Not having a lot of experience with saddles,I m not sure if I would like the flatter Toupe over the curved Romin. The Specialized Toupé Expert Gel saddle may be minimalist in appearance, but still offers a comfortable ride with its pressure-relieving central channel. I've tried 4 different saddles since I started cycling a year ago and always had trouble with discomfort and numbness. Also tried the Romin and a few others. This, however, was not the case. In 2012 they purchased Retül and have … It features a carbon-reinforced shell with outer edges that conform to your body for a near-custom fit. After my first ride it was noticeably more comfortable, the groove/hole in the center does wonders for longer rides. Over the years, and after trying many different saddles, I have found I prefer a wider, flatter saddle with a cutout and some flex in the wings. This Salon is meant to remain work place friendly. Specialized er opsatte på at udfordre normen når det … Specialized has 4 basic lines of saddles, MTB, Road/Multisport, Recreational and BMX/Youth. You can go to a bike shop that carries Specialized … check out the, Welcome to VELOCIPEDE SALON. Free shipping on orders over $150. The saddle just felt rather soft and a strangely bulged (or "convex") which resulted in an unstable hip that tended to roll back and forth while pedaling. Specialized Toupe Gel 143mm Titanium Rails MTB Road Bike Seat Saddle– 210g Up for sale is a used Specialized Toupe Gel saddle. This saddle is used and has fading in the color of the leather. Specialized The Romin Evo with Mimic comes in Pro, Expert and Comp levels, while the Phenom with Mimic is available in Expert and Comp. Thankfully, there's a copy of Specialized's "Ass-o-meter" circulating in the internet, so I didn't have to go to my dealer and sit on some sheet of corrugated cardboard (see for details). Price: $170 AUD. The Specialized Romin Evo Pro was selected for an Editor’s Choice award in 2020. Mine is the 155 (widest) and it is supportive and comfortable for long rides and short. Specialized has been trying to put an end to this with their Body Geometry System. Enough padding to help your butt stay non raw. This Salon is where bicycle artisans, industry types, racers, cyclists, bicyclists and their friends exchange in a comfortable setting. This will cause immediate removal from the Salon!!! I think the main thing may be durability. Fitting into that category are both my Specialized Toupe 145 and Fizik Antares Vs… Have been through a number of high end saddles in the last few years and this is the best. The Toupe is the latest from the California based company and extends their quest to become the best bike brand in the world. The Toupe … Please be aware when you request membership we ask for a real name with contact info. Great design, poor execution. I've had 3 Phenom Experts and they ALL developed loose rails. The Phenom is the best IMO. places to hangout. This … Specialized er kendt for at revolutionere cykleindustrien, og de skaber også banebrydende produkter indenfor cykelsadler. I proceeded to do 70+ miles over the weekend on this seat with simple polyester gym shorts with a swim liner and had absolutely no discomfort, my old saddle with the padded shorts and I'd have been hurting bad. This flex might also be the reason why the titanium rails have a little play in the carbon-fibre enforced substructure. £78.29. It works perfectly! … :) POWER SADDLE VS POWER ARC. Jamesthebikeguy 17,422 views. Nuff said. There are ground rules for everyone to follow, most are explained in the agreement (below). The line of Saddles I chose was Road/Multisport. If youre not comfortable on a saddle then you wont want to … Specialized Sadler. Weight: 243g. The Phenom SLs weigh about … How To Prevent Saddle-Related Numbness & Discomfort - … This Salon is operated by volunteers who donate lots of hard work, insight and generosity. Take a look at the Phenom S-works too. This is a good looking saddle at an ok price. Posted 9 months ago. So I got the 143. No more numbness and although its less padding than my stock seat it isn't very noticeable as long as I wear padded cycling shorts. They are light, have good padding, and are shaped much like a Toupe. VSalon currently allows unregistered guests to view the forum. Specialized Toupe Saddle Up for sale is a Specialized Toupe Expert saddle. This is the Phenom and it wasn't designed with a focus on women. There are scuffing and marks on the nose. 8. by Tony Farrelly. Price, hard to find deals on these saddles, and they can only be purchased at specialized dealer shops. Warm Regards, Too Tall and our handsome staff of volunteers. It says so right here, go ahead and look!!! Mine is the 155 (widest) and it is supportive and comfortable for long rides and short. Everyone of my bikes will have one of these saddles soon. Early models also didn't have enough padding in the nose, but this has been fixed. The plan was to mount just another (new) Fly and be happy with it. Within this category, there are 3 lines of racing saddles; Chicane, Toupe, Romin. I'm a little guy, 150 pounds and ride XC--it's not me, it's the saddle. I wasn't having a problem with my butt getting sore, so this saddle with its sleek design and center cut-out seemed to be the best fit. So I gave up, returned it and tried the Specialized Phenom Expert since I could live with CroMo rails but don't like gel cells in the cheaper version which add complexity and sources of error. I love this saddle so much. Both are available in 143, 155 and 168mm widths. - Comfortable - Durable - Easy to clean - Stylish - Not too heavy. Find a Retailer; en. It features a carbon-reinforced shell, ultra-light foam padding and hollow titanium rails for extreme lightness. After a few iterations, I was comfortable with the saddle mounted pretty horizontally and the certain flex of it (which make me feel a little sceptical at first) turned out to be a big benefit. The Phenom Compscored well in our durability metric. jayx2a. Light, flexible, reasonably padded, water-repellent, looks pretty durable, A tad expensive, need to get TI rail when you don't like the gel padding in the cheaper Specialized Phenom Comp saddle, rail mounting feels a little "loose", saddle has a tendency to creak (which can be fixed by spraying WD40 or whatever suitable where the rails meet the substructure). Model: Specialized Power Arc Expert. Specialized's Toupe Comp Gel is a very comfortable saddle that allows you to move around yet still gives support for an aggressive position. I think I'll try a 143 Toupe … No, Specialized have not branched out into hairpieces, rather the Toupe … High end perch combines low weight and comfort. If it starts to creak there, just use a squirt of WD40, silicone spray or whatever you have at hand. I wish I had spent the money on this 3-4 months ago, its worth it. US: English; Change region; Sign in; shop The saddle mounted well ontop of my NC-17 Empire S-Pro seatpost and looks decently manufactured - in comparison with the Fly which hat a few wrinkles, staples and glue residue here and there. I like the way it feels. Solid, one of the products i recommend to anyone that will listen. * You can’t go wider unless you go to the women’s line of saddles, specifically the Ajna Elite, pictured to the right – which appears to be the women’s equivalent of the Montrose, but much closer to the design of the Specialized … Specialized’s range of Body Geometry components continues to grow. This really is a salon. Firm, comfortable, well made, great materials, the right length. After several years of (ab)use, I had to replace my Terry Fly that failed because of a broken substructure. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. More importantly, with 3 widths to choose from, Specialized… I keep coming back to the Phenom, which I already own. It has hollow titanium rails, and only weighs 188 grams in the 143 width. The one-piece synthetic seat cover material has no visible stitching and is attached under the edge of the saddle's carbon reinforced shell. You do not need an invite! The shorter nose is nice as well - the Toupe was just too long and snagged the shorts. The seat cover material appears very durable and shows no signs of wear despite hundreds of miles of pedaling abuse… This is a great saddle, the best out there that I have found. I have 143 Toupe and like the Fizik Arione -and Aliante (I know much different) and old Flites. The nose also started peeling after a year. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Rails: hollow titanium. I upgraded to the Pro (carbon rails) and have had no problems. the 138mm. ... Oh, distance wise, my longest ride on a Toupe would by 320km and on a Phenom, 300km (that was in 40 hours though). Both versions if both have Ti rails. Following some advice I tried an 8 mile ride with no padded/chamois in the shorts and they were even better. Lightweight and durable hollow titanium rails. SPECIALIZED POWER PRO ELASTON SADDLE POWER TO THE RIDERS Saddles are arguably one of the most important contact points on a bike. I was having a major problem with numbness on my perrenial nerve (I believe that is the property terminology...) on longer rides which was killing my ability to continue to stay on the saddle beyond an hour or so. Specialized will offer the new S-Works Toupe in black, red, and white (not shown) (Image credit: Jonny Irick) Image 4 of 6. Specialized says the welded-on panels on the sides of the nose are a … VERDICT: 8. Loved the Toupe, but it is not strong enough for MTB in the long term. Specialized Phenom vs. Romin. I ride Toupe saddles exclusively in my road bikes, and the Phenom SL on my MTBs. I came across this saddle when I bought my Specialized Crux and was amazed that an OEM saddle could be so comfortable. Checking out the Montrose vs the Phenom I have been riding for quite a while. Feed the moderators beers and give lots of karma, they are "easy"...I made sure of that. Guessing that this will be a great saddle for a lot of people - they really got it right. Please note: This is a work place friendly forum and only ask you honor this and help keep the discussions lively. Durability, comfort on rides over 2 hours. It fits!!! We bring some history but none of the bags with us from our former fav. … TI rails and a rather hefty price, okay... After that, I had to decide whether to buy the 130 or 143mm variant. Weight: 205g.

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