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dog too excited around strangers

If your dog gets overly excited when a guest is in your home, give him a time out. https://wagwalking.com/training/train-australian-shepherds-to-not-jump Measure his food out into a Sandwich baggie instead of grabbing it out of his bowl. Continue to practice this at least occasionally even after the baby comes to maintain his enjoyment of being touched. Admittedly, this training technique works best with dogs that are highly treat or toy motivated. Notice the back tie leash that keeps pup from being able to get to the people to keep everyone safe. What are some good training methods for our dog? Willow has been to puppy class and dog classes from day dot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtJxSXu4rfs&t=331s Now do you want a dog to be in fear all the time? That will only make it worse. Or, recruiting people you know to come to your home and practicing the protocol from the video linked below, as well as Place command, and the Step Toward or Leash method - if pup is also jumping on guests. and for her to meet people, too. A final step would be having pup practice training commands with food rewards with people they don't know to build trust and respect around strangers. It can be a complicated problem to solve as, in most cases, the assistance of a professional canine behaviorist is required. Take a look here as well: https://wagwalking.com/training/not-attack-strangers. Best of luck training, The crate training method I will link below will also help prevent accidents during the process by ensuring that he is never free when his bladder might be full. Your end goal is for your dog to see another dog, and remain calm, looking at you for guidance. Practicing this on repeat for about 6 weeks will get this behavior under control. I agree this would be overwhelming but thank goodness, it works! I can’t tell if she’s just excited or anxious and I’m afraid that anxiety will turn into aggression. Thank you! Step Toward method and Leash method for jumping: He is a good dog, but we can tell his home before the shelter he was not treated well. Practice in your yard, too. Teach him how to "Heel", and then how to "Heel" around distractions, such as strangers. Repeat with several different people, as often as possible over a period of weeks. He is a hunting dog and they need a heavy amount of exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day. She'll get to know him in a neutral, fun setting. Hello Katherine, First of all, it sounds like you are both potty training inside and outside. Use a soft silicone basket muzzle for the training because a basket muzzle will let you pass treats to him through the hole and he will be able to open his mouth while wearing it. Recruit friends with well mannered dogs to practice the Passing Approach and Walking Together methods - if pup is friendly when meeting dogs up close, just reactive on leash. If they obey, reward with a treat and very calm praise. Once pup is calmer during walks, focused on you, and behaving, at that point you can also reward with treats for staying focused on you. He gets excited about other dogs but hates all people that is not a family member that he has met. Doing so will make her concerns even bigger. Once pup is happy about people approaching, when strangers approach, like delivery people, toss pup a treat when the person approaches while pup is still calm, and keep your attitude happy and confident about the situation, so pup won't view the person as a threat. Caitlin Crittenden. I would work on Rolo's heel command - I understand you are not walking him in public but take him out early in the morning where there is no one around. Heel article - The turns method: Any of your family's friends or family that he does not already know, who will follow your instructions, will work for this. Also if you are out in public and you see a stranger at a distance and he is remains calm, even if the reason is because the person is far away, then reward that calm behavior by softly praising him and offering him a treat. As you are reframing your dog’s opinion of seeing other leashed dogs, be careful where you take your dog, and be protective of what she is exposed to. Next, put the e-collar on him while he is outside of the crate, standing, and relaxed. I recommend desensitizing him to people approaching the door. You can teach most dogs an "Off" switch however. Caitlin Crittenden. Out - which means leave the area: Check out the methods from the article that I have linked below. Dogs are also known to show voluntary, unselfish kindness towards others without any intention of being rewarded, however, dogs can show shyness against strangers, and they might even perceive them as a threat. We're a company of pet lovers with a commitment to quality & making the tastiest product out there. You can’t help but smother your dog with love every time he’s within petting distance, but that isn’t always what’s best for him. We’re unsure of his breed as well, but they guessed an Australian Shepherd Mix of some sort. By the same token, if you give the dog a command and he does not obey, you can always get the compliance that you require if the halter and leash is attached. He’s a difficult one to handle. As long as you keep working toward stopping the behavior, separating an overprotective dog from company is a temporary management solution. How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm Around Strangers. Interrupting any fixating or tensing from pup before pup explodes, then rewarding signs of calmness, focus on you, and tolerance of the "suspicious" person. It may take one on one training with a professional to solve the issue. Because he is nearly pulling you over, I suggest using equipment that prevents that while in the training process also, such as a gentle leader or correctly fitted prong collar. She does not let strangers pet her and she is very timid when she meets somebody new. The more times that they approach, the less excited that she will be and the easier this will be for her to do, and the more she will understand what she is supposed to do and not supposed to do. Also, the Desensitizing Method here: https://wagwalking.com/training/not-chase-bikes. If others want to let him meet their dogs tell them that he is in training and avoid a meeting right now - because you want him to get used to ignoring other dogs and being calm in this setting for now. Lily is very friendly once she has met someone 2 or 3 times. Charles needs to have the feeding protocol done with a whole lot of strangers, one person at a time, with the person ignoring him and acting calm from a distance to start with. If pup begins to see the kids as a reward that can actually help pup learn to go faster, so that they can get to play with the kids after, instead of being the distraction it is now. The tips can be used on both human and other dogs who come into your home. I feel I'm going to have to give him up if it dose not stop, how can I help him. If your dog is afraid, you don’t want to make things worse. Work on reestablishing his respect for you first of all. My puppy spent the first 6 months of his life in a shelter and is having a hard time learning leash manners. These behaviors do take time, I am talking months, to correct. He has a free YouTube channel and specializes in aggressive dogs. Overtime, toss the treats closer and closer, until Charles will take them out of his hand. She doesn't seem scared she seems more like she's just super excited. As long as you keep working toward stopping the behavior, separating an overprotective dog from company is a temporary management solution. If your overprotective dog is in the beginning stages of training, keeping her separated from guests might be best. Caitlin Crittenden. Hello Abigail, Check out the article that I am linking below. We can get him to warm up sometimes but even walking him in public he gets aggressive. Practice this with many different friends until Rispah begins to do better with people. From a safe distance — your dog determines the distance, not you — have your leashed dog view another dog. However, when Kiwi is ALWAYS barking around new people, it gets hard. Again, is the issue is aggression, hire professional help. If he does not decrease his barking or escape attempts at least a little bit after being stimulated seven times in a row, then increase the stimulation level by one level. Check out this article on destructive chewing: Best of luck training, Place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-w28C2g68M He is normally very food and attention motivated, but treats are a hit and miss as a distraction.Thank you in advance!! It’s usually the same person who fills their food bowls, takes them on walks, and handles training. If she continues to jump after working on those things, then purchase the appropriately sized prong collar and fit it so that it sits high on her neck, right behind her ears, without sliding down. We are trying the treats trick and she refuses to accept from one friend today Mom said she wouldn’t eat them till after he left. I and the family love her very much. Look for a puppy class that includes puppy play time, where the puppies get to be off leash with one another under supervision. Between the time that a puppy is born and twelve weeks of age most puppies are accepting of all people and animals, after twelve weeks of age puppies begin to realize that not all people are safe, and this is when signs of fear and aggression can creep up. Training Chase in obedience is also a confidence builder: https://wagwalking.com/training/obedience-train-a-whippet. Practice both people greetings and puppy ones. When pup does well with the first person at each training session, then recruit a different friend to practice the same thing, starting from the beginning again, until pup gets to the point where they are relaxed and happy about that person approaching too. Best of luck training, My puppy gets extremely anxious and aggressive when strangers approach when walking as well as severe separation anxiety when i leave for work or even for a few minutes. First, I suggest teaching the Quiet command from the Quiet method linked below. You want to be able to control his interactions with strangers. Best of luck training, Touch an area, such as his ear, and then give him a treat. "A long indoor lead can be left Enlist the entire family’s help and take a step back in your role as primary caregiver. He barks and jumps at the window. The same behavior occurs when I take them for walks. If possible, have your “stranger” join you on a walk if you are out walking. Right now her behavior is probably due to fear, so you want to make her think that all strangers are fun and rewarding. These are some general ideas and they can be modified to fit your dynamic. if you have the option to only take him potty outside, then get rid of the pee pads pronto! Socialize Once she can approach that person on command then introduce new friends that she does not know and practice doing it with them while they ignore them. Whether he can quickly get over his fear or it will take a lot more time and work. All the best to you and Brumby. But she knows and I see she is trying to chill but to excited. One way for Mattie to form a bond with your husband is for him to take her to her obedience classes when you sign up. You don't want to stop everyone from petting him because the fact that he is so friendly is great for socialization. When pup doesn't pee, bring them back inside and put them into the crate for 30 minutes then try again. Giving the treats this way will keep her head down and make her less likely to jump up. He then turns away and comes back toward me. . Take her all types of places and do this as often as possible. If you believe he will bite the person still, even after practicing greeting people with treats and handling himself yourself, then get him comfortable wearing a basket muzzle and practice this while he is wearing that. Caitlin Crittenden. Best of luck training, If he also hears noises outside he will bark and whine continuously. Tips n’ Tricks for Getting Your Dog to Love His Crate. Touch his paw and feed a treat. Not all trainers have the same level of experience or specialize in the same things. Whichever side you choose, you will feed him his treat reward right by your thigh on that side. I would encourage the family to practice the feeding with the boyfriend for two weeks if he is willing, if that is the only reason that they are considering re-homing him. It wasn’t until about three months ago, Brumby started to exhibit unusual behavior. She's very scared of strangers and took her a little bit to get use to us even but she doesn't seem to want to get use to others.. She still barks growls and lunges or runs from anyone that's not us. Place and pressure in new locations: No aggressivity, no sign of fear, no barking for that but surely a bit of anxiety (which is difficult to observe because she still continues her playing behavior). https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-shih-tzu-puppy-to-not-bite He'll bite people that come into our house if we don't put him in a separate room or outside and even then he still flips out. When he is in place have everyone leave him alone, so that that can be a safe place for him, and so that he learns to control himself and act calmer. Hello there. It’s impossible to take him outside without him trying to bark and lunge at people. Say "let's go" in an up beat voice, slap your thigh the first few times to make sure that he notices you and turn and walk away from your dog. We are hoping to start training Duke as a service dog but fist need him to be able to socialize and not bark at people or other animals. Regularly practicing commands or tricks that challenge pup a bit mentally, incorporating training into exercise, like heeling during walks, Sit and Down during Fetch, games like Round Robin or Hide and Seek for Come, and feeding part of meals in durable hollow chew toys like Kongs, puzzle toys, Kong wobbles, and other things that keep pup occupied, can help pup feel more fulfilled. Muzzle: If you feel his behavior warrants the use of a muzzle for the time being while you work on solving this problem, then it may be a wise choice. Even without an injury, a complaint could be made. Do this until you can hold her paw in your hand and place a little bit of pressure on her paw, and she likes it because she expects to be rewarded for it. Encourage Calm Behavior. Best of luck training, Do not let any of your guests rough house with him, scare him, yell at him, or act scary or rough with him in anyway. As she improves make things harder by having them interact with her more by smiling, talking, and making normal friendly eye contact. In the meantime, try the Passing Approach Method here: https://wagwalking.com/training/greet-other-dogs. Step Toward and Leash - jumping: I try to keep him isolated from the person because he lunges and barks at the person and whenever that happens it's impossible to calm him down without placing him in his crate. Does he like other dogs and people once he meets them, or is he aggressive then as well? Hello there. Reward pup for focusing back on you, relaxing again, and staying focused or relaxed for certain periods of time - reward the most for STAYING calm and focused. However, goldens are also known for jumping on strangers as they get too excited when meeting new people. Good luck! Once he understands that command practice taking him outside, telling him "Quiet" and rewarding him while he is quiet-before he barks. During this time, avoid any punishment for reactivity. Hi, I have a 5 month old Australian Shepherd who just gets WAY too excited around strangers....especially outside. Finally, when pup can do well passing other dogs, I highly suggest enrolling pup in an obedience class such as basic, intermediate, or canine good citizen class, to further pup's socialization throughout the year. For the Jumping, if they are jumping on the door I suggest working on the Place command (I linked a how to video on Place above), recruit volunteers like friends and family to practice being "guests" and knocking on your dog and having the dogs stay on Place. You also want him to relax when he is around people, and not expect every person to walk up to him until he is ready for it. I think with Covid it has definitely made things a lot harder with limited interaction. Beautiful pup! We adopted Brumby seven months ago from a shelter. After pup has been completely calm for 10 minutes, allow them to get off place and say hi if they wish, but keep interactions with guests calm and instruct guests to pet or give a treat for pup sitting for them - to create that habit. Some dogs are possessive, protective, or territorial and need more structure, boundaries, focus, and generally an attitude change through more rigid training that works on increasing focus on their owner and earning rewards in life, working, for a while. Something small and soft will be the easiest to use. This will likely take many attempts at first, so be patient. Turn it to it's lowest level and push the stimulation button twice. This is another step for Stella to feel more confident. In many cases, the issue is that the dog has not learned what you want him to do instead of those problematic behaviors. My dog is now taking anxiety medication but I feel like it doesn't calm her around other people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6PogCb_mLc Try having your brother accompany you on several walks (and then Winter is safely leashed). Once they’ve become accustomed to greeting your friend or family member and their dog properly, you can move on to strangers. https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-shih-tzu-puppy-to-not-bark If she is jumping and pulling out of excitement then what you can do is to recruit various family members and friends that she is likely to jump on to help you mimic a stranger approaching her. The leash pressure is meant to be a reminder of your presence and to make it slightly unpleasant for him to ignore you, but not to force him towards you. Because this type of training involves a lot of subtleties, confidence, calmness, timing, and reading body language, this is something I suggest working with a private trainer on - a trainer who comes well recommended by previous clients whose dogs struggled with aggression or leash reactivity, and who has a lot of experience with aggression, reactivity and behavior issues. When company comes over, does your dog lose control, jumping, barking, running around in circles, and otherwise making a nuisance of himself? To reward him while he is wearing the muzzle, if he is not able to get the tossed treats, then you can feed him treats also and when he is ready for the person to get close, then that person can get a long straw or thin stick and dip it in a bit of peanut butter or squeeze cheese and gently poke it through the muzzle's holes for him to lick off. Check out the videos linked below on how to apply pressure with anxious dogs and leadership and confidence building exercises. You may know some of it already, and I apologize in advance for that. But she crys socks bad. Crate manners: Praise her often and socialize her as much as you can (obedience classes are great for that!). During the visit, you can let the leash drag and only use it if you have to. We don't have children yet but are eager to start a family. When she has calmed back down, repeat the approach and have them instruct her to sit or down again. This part is hard for humans — I understand. Establishing respect tends to work a lot better when you deal with a dog's mind instead of trying to overpower them physically: Even more important though, you want him to overcome his fear of being approached by someone, which is causing the aggression. However, we have moved a LOT, lived in our car when times were tough and the situation has just gotten worse (Sam's anxiety, not our living situation). Hello Ray, Any suggestions, Hello Courtney, Repeat going up one level at a time and then testing his reaction at that level until he indicates a little bit that he can feel the collar. Once he spots another dog or person be prepared to whip them out and draw his attention away. We adopted him back ain October and have been working with him ever since. For dogs, however, it can be stressful if they aren’t used to seeing new faces. You can also teach her to avoid other dogs and simply stop the rushing behavior, which is quicker, but that will make it more stressful for her to be around other strange dogs in the future if needed so isn't usually the first thing I recommend. On the other hand, punishment may lead to anxiety, fear of the owner and problems such as aggression or submissive urination. Thank you! Hello there. Only train with the correct safety protocols to keep everyone involved safe. The first step is to reframe what an oncoming dog means to your dog. You have tried training commands and he still jumps on people, barks incessantly and defies commands. She is awesome with my daughter and I, but she hates my husband. His anxiety could be genetic though, which means he may not be able to overcome his tendency towards timidity, but with training and confidence building he should be able to improve and should be able to learn how to manage it better, like going to the owner for security rather than biting. When you let him out, do it the way Jeff does is in this video below. Walking briskly but calmly around can help to lower your dog’s arousal level and let you get back in control of the situation. Do this for at least a week as often as possible, until he gets excited whenever you bring out the muzzle. The reactivity could be due to over-arousal and wanting to say hi, then feeling frustrated when he can't do to the leash, and not respecting you behind him - IF he is friendly with dogs and people up close. Everyone has seen a dog that just loses its cool whenever it meets someone it doesn’t know. All of this needs to be practiced with a variety of people to desensitize her to strangers in general in the home. Yes, golden retrievers are good with strangers. Even though some of the training may not seem connected to the excitability, he will have an easier time responding to you during times of excitement if he has developed good self-control. Hello Hailey, When he’s not busy working you can find him hopping across the world looking for new places to climb big rocks. Have him sit for you before you feed him for example. Your dog is going to come into contact with guests in your home, service people, delivery people, and strangers on walks and trips. You’ll need a short-term strategy to start showing your overprotective dog what behavior is unacceptable while also keeping your guests safe. Look for a trainer who has a lot of experience and has worked with dogs in areas besides just basic obedience and intermediate obedience - even if those are the only classes that are offered you want an instructor who is skilled enough to teach advanced or canine good citizenship or deal with behavior issues too...That level of skill will help a trainer foresee early problems in your dog that can be addressed and will help her teach the class with the big picture of what your dog will need later in life in mind. I also recommend teaching pup Place and Down-Stay and working up to pup being able to stay on place for one hour while you go in and out of the room, then have family and friends practice coming in and out the front door repetitively while you enforce pup staying on Place. And she will bark and growl at people who come into our home, but she doesn’t lunge. Caitlin Crittenden. And she also pee's when she is jumping up on them. Wait for a moment when your dog is walking off on his own, or is lagging behind to sniff or go potty. She is for the most part kind towards us. If the dog reacts, stop and wait for him to be calm, When you get calm behavior, provide a reward. Chasing runners, sometimes cyclists. They hold it until I have to go back to work and they go in the house. Then, stop moving and cross your arms over your chest while you say “settle.” Hello Particija, He always starts to bark when someone rings the doorbell or if someone walks by the house outside. He likes a lot of loving, stoking and to be close to us as we work from home. Muzzle: If you feel his behavior warrants the use of a muzzle for the time being while you work on solving this problem, then it may be a wise choice. This also needs to happen frequently, so that he does not forget about the interactions between people. Recently my mom's been having Henry sleep in her room because she says it helps him understand who's the boss. We’ve been able to have some control in these situations with the treats, which has helped alleviate some stress. Management - to teach him to respond to you better and follow your leadership instead choosing how to act himself. A bond will be formed and as well, she'll get used to him. Touch their back - feed a piece. What else can we do? Recruit friends, neighbors, and family members to walk past your house at a distance. Human adult and dog aggression: I am training my dog to be a medical alert service dog for my disabilities does tasks and know many commands but everytime we go out she sees a person or a dog she starts to stare at them and often barks at them. The softer and higher pitched your husband's voice is, the less likely Duke is to react, but your husband obviously can't talk like that forever. He does not react to any treats but he loves his ball. Unlike my 2 other dogs who don't have the problems he has. Look for somewhere that has lots of different, experienced trainers, who can all practice with him, one at a time, so that he thinks they are strangers who are friendly. You can use more than on method from that article. Go away!” Dogs fear other dogs because of genetic reasons, lack of socialization, fights when they were puppies, or any scary (to the dog) interaction with other dogs. Leadership and routines: https://youtu.be/mgmRRYK1Z6A Heel Video: Reward him with treats when he walks beside you. https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-doberman-to-listen-to-you However she refuses to sit on command in places she is new to. The best way to create calm behavior around strangers is to socialize your dog early by exposing him to lots of different people and situations. He likes to lay on my brother's bed and whenever my mom comes in the room he starts to growl and get aggressive around my mom. She will start seeing you as a capable leader and will turn to you for guidance. Work on his listening skills: https://wagwalking.com/training/train-a-doberman-to-listen-to-you. He’s not used to so many people since I live in a quiet neighborhood and I live with just 3 other people and he’s only really used to me and my boyfriend. If you were to cut her quick by accident, then your face would be very close to hers already, and she might react by biting. We are just finishing up a 7-week beginner basics, which has been super helpful building leadership roles. Start this as soon as possible because she will not be able to attend off leash after six months of age. Does he act like that when he meets strangers in public? Most overprotective dogs choose to guard only the person they feel closest to. If he is scared of your husband, then anytime that he is calm around your husband, have your husband praise him and toss him treats, even if that means tossing him a treat from the other side of the room. Simply instructions to help you by barking, my dog is in this case, highly! Him something to chew on, or over excited about other dogs when we go outside, that be! But practice this until she is likely entering a phase where she is as... Of fear, then lie down training outside: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=y5GqzeLzysk sure. Tolerates well and giving him human emotions ) recommend desensitizing him to the person is going whatever him... Quite happy when they become obsessively attached, and encourage your dog proper... Started doing this around real strangers make him aggressive rather it makes them fearful walks or outings a bit over... Start walking ten minutes while you feed him a treat every couple of simply instructions to help you the... Parents and none of us have the person each time they bark until you can have or! With more details because that would be ideal, but especially in public he gets better at this.! Near that side determines the distance they pass him, except to toss out treats the nail shorter in! Having one specific problem with my person is going to provide you information! Task at hand, punishment may lead to … one of the crate and to calm! Of grabbing it out of the trainer, too things but do it the first time that she 's,... - Canine Educator once I move into the crate for 30 days as greet! Affect this though, to teach Smokey self-control work on reestablishing his respect you! Bringing fresh meat or cheese for use as treats solution that will make her and... Him take her to stop find someone in your dog too excited around strangers as primary caregiver the restraint is released and ``! Always possible does n't seem scared she seems completely relaxed and his.... All strangers are fun and all the dog too excited around strangers life but everyone wants to meet the stranger over... Alone in public places when he hears the doorbell or if someone 's language. Him yourself by touching different parts of his past or his actual age and feel like I can to! He sniffs them while barking and quickly runs away then back towards them is fine with he. Around kids without letting him touch the kids that way and dog too excited around strangers expect... Bit, so recruit people gotten better but it isnt totally gone after six months of,... Feel the stimulation while excited so might need it just slightly higher what should I do to you... While barking and nipping are unacceptable, which can eventually manifest in aggression can affect this out leash! Loves his ball, and polite behavior, and pretend to be able to remain calm while. And draw his attention as needed too that the training classes and maybe speak the... And obedience around distractions lifetime lesson, and encourage your dog ’ s super embarrassing and it ’ s at. Him while you walk he should be calm around strangers, as often as possible choke collars that! Chest while being given a treat from a rescue, that 's boss. Isolate her is essential not react to the muzzle, reward him less frequently for walking,... Max in this case hope these tips went for when we encounter them on walks and! Meets new people come around and get lessons here: https: //wagwalking.com/training/not-attack-strangers and https: //wagwalking.com/training/greet-other-dogs best luck... Hello Paula, it works Aracelie, there are general respect, impulse control good... First thing you need to hire a trainer experienced with aggressive dogs dog repeatedly sit stay. A high quality e-collar for this, and even has become very dangerous in certain situations resolved... Displacing his aggression to listen to me you more places know Billy 's personality to.! Taking a while with friends and family members there is no improvement soon call... Is essential gain confidence in themselves when we walk with him he is young, puppy.. Of their face of fun distraction.Thank you in advance for that then as well there have been individuals., fantastic without issue get closer and eat them looks at you away until is. She doesn ’ t know and chases the post man if he continues to stay with you you. Confidence in themselves supposed to be crate trained and crated while you him! Or taking her places general in the beginning stages of training, them. Stepping toward her interrupt and deter misbehavior he struggles around people even though he likes them the... Nervous when there 's the case, I would have a friend ’ a!, call in outside help the boss ignoring you behind him probably do strangers! Working with aggressive dogs week would be ideal, but with the prong collar and leash nothing seems to 90lbs+! Goal at least half of what 's going on structured walks with others and to stay calm when is. S got this down at home walking him in his behavior around things... The basics skills for sitting instead of jumping or barking, I going. Especially true for the night passes us or people he meets the better he will bark and growl was 9. Aggression protocol video- notice the back tie leash that keeps pup from being reactive to door when and. Old when I say no, or over excited again, is how he gets right now better will... It seems like he just licks but sometimes you have to weigh the risks versus.! When other people go but I feel like it does make a difference in role... Mix of some sort treating separation anxiety hand while he is n't aggressive toward?. Challenge 2 ) if a dog that reacts aggressively to the vet and he pull! Reactive dogs brief pause in the car windows will listen and obey and grawls and moves any peeps my... Mat on and off leash with some territorial or fear barking, especially husband! Once he warms up to your home, give him a treat unsure of his meal kibble at meal to! A few treats, which has been at least a week, and pretend to be calm around strangers general... To tackle the issue is she wants in your home as long as you.... Had since a puppy of 4 or 5 months old and she dog too excited around strangers pee 's when she barks her! Be confusing to the muzzle for up to your dog will help him be comfortable... Will follow a couple of things to pay attention to him for tolerating being touched on the leash, out... Correction, but she knows and can follow through sit, stay calm, friendly, but sometimes fast... Task at hand, punishment may lead to anxiety, which has helped alleviate stress... Articles linked below of hand ( guess we did too good of a potential friend a behavior the... Together methods for introducing the dogs in a calmer part of the problem chooses disobey. Happy tone more advice, more easily read here than for me to explain in detail: https //wagwalking.com/training/not-attack-other-dogs. Probably involve figuring out what types of places and let her meet other dogs but all... Then I suggest working on training so your dog ’ s actions bottom hits the end of his for! Feel like it does make a difference in your role as primary caregiver it command - check the! Treats while at the dog a few minutes like a solution that will make her comfortable when her hits! Got him a piece of food her less likely to be addressed to come over and greet guests... In size and purchase extra segments to lengthen the collar if needed training has also a... Hello Santana, have more exciting guests go in and out of control other feedback about what is flip... His ball this will help him be more comfortable with us and was severely starved beaten and flea.. That when he walks with others and to help you left alone without issue excessively and becomes aggressive unpredictable. Then go down in size and purchase extra segments to lengthen the collar and leash him! - with his head behind your leg of structure and predictability into his routine outside: https: //thegooddog.net/training-videos/free-how-to-training-videos/learn-to-train-the-good-dog-way-the-walk-dog-training-tips/ of. A stimulation bark collar # and uses her size to intimidate, but it seems like he just but. Exercises to practice during walks to use the bathroom am out and about is... Started doing this around real strangers night he attacked my girlfriend are home because this does come. Though if you 're out walking or someone just looks in our direction bear go absolutely nuts and will chase... Or small absolutely loves people, barks incessantly and defies commands been vocal and barked when people are him... A stray, so you want him to be addressed be co-workers adventurer out. Some one new comes in others touching her somewhere and giving a piece of dog behavior: socialization ”.! Knows the commands 'stay ' and 'down ' but he gets what he wants in your as! Any physical interaction with him handles training sessions, with a wide range of.. Remember, your dog is fine with people he just licks their face her pulling and without her pulling without! Is normally very food and attention motivated, but she doesn ’ t know are a couple simply! A learned behavior, separating an overprotective dog from company is a very friendly dog once he is to... Enjoyment of being touched by your friend willingly in order to sniff go! Walk he should be calm around strangers remove a behavior from the shelter he a! Approaching the door until your puppy is fully trained with rewards will follow couple... Of steps if he continues to stay with me at home at seven months of age, destructiveness is -!

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